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Artist Development

F rom the earliest development stages, Starlab Factory provides a safe and highly productive environment where young Artists can perfect their natural abilities. Starlab Factory provides Artists Platinum-Proven® coaching with Vocals, Writing, Choreography, Live Performance, Music Selection, Career Management, Branding, Online Presence & Strategies and much more.

We are the premier destination for Artists seeking perfection in their Artform.

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Music Production

Studio Facilities that have graced the covers of Mix Magazine, directed by some of the most capable Producers and Engineers in the Industry, Starlab Factory Artists make statements that are bold and compelling. Chosing to attend Starlab Factory denotes you are especially serious about taking your creativity to the highest Levels. Our Production Facilities throughout North America are equipped with SSL consoles, Pro-Tools HD, Neve and Manley outboard gear with professional signal conversion. In addition,  monitoring with Quested and Genelec our Starlab Candidates are equipped to record and mix at the highest quality available.

Our regional Facilities are often equipped with additional equipment to enhance Genre-Specific music productions such as our Country Music facilities in Nashville, our Urban Music facilities in Atlanta and our Electronic Music Facilities on Miami Beach.

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Branding Sponsorships

B randing an Artist has become the most effective method for generating the revenue necessary to keep creative ideas on track in the Studio and on Stage. Our programs engage Artists with Fortune 500 companies, Investors, and Placement Agencies delivering new audiences for young Artists while presenting exceptional exposure and revenue sources.

Branding and Sponsorship strategies are essential to Artists these days…no exceptions. We offer proven, comprehensive strategies that bring Artists the right partners going forward to ensure career lonegevity.

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